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My Unique Approach

My Unique approach to massage therapy and body work is geared to assist the client with connecting Mind Body and Soul. I kindly remind them that we have only one body to live in on this earth. It is our temple, so to speak. So we must take care of it and promote a more healthy and peaceful lifestyle. We discuss the desired outcome and I start them on the path to integrative healing.

I incorporate different modalities; such as Swedish massage techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, PNF stretching, Active Release therapy, and Reflexology, to name a few.

We use the breath to release that which the body does not need as we navigate the outcome of each session and bring harmony to the soul.

My unique approach includes a custom blend of essential oils to assist with physical and emotional challenges.

Massage therapy assists with many daily stresses along with long time pain and stubborn muscle tension.

  • Assisting with low back discomfort
  • Assisting with plantar fasciitis
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